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Playbooks You Can Use Across the Entire Revenue Cycle

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“The conversation now is about how you actually help improve the productivity of every sales rep in the team and what’s the overall impact on sales productivity.”


Aseem Chandra

About The Guest

Aseem is co-founder and CEO of Immersa, on a mission to bring data intelligence to everyone.

In his prior role, as senior vice president for Experience Cloud at Adobe, Aseem was responsible for all go-to-market strategy & execution for one of the largest ($3B) SaaS businesses in the world. As GM for AEM & Target, Aseem was responsible for the P&L for a $1B rapidly growing business.

Aseem brings over 20 years of business strategy and investment planning, mergers & acquisition, partnering, product strategy & market positioning, field and customer-facing skills to his role.

What We Cover

In this session, Aseem deep dives into the role of revops and its impact on sales, marketing, and customer success and the playbooks you can use across the entire revenue cycle. 

Get an understanding on the framework of Product Led Growth in the tech industry, how  product design must be rethought for PLG, shifting the end-user into a product advocate to establish viral loops. Aseem emphasizes the importance and use of data intelligence, outlining the top metrics and ratios to ensure success for a customer lifetime value.

What are three things you have to get right from a revops perspective? How does revops evolve in product-led companies? Aseem addresses what successful revops looks like, the dynamic role of revops, and its impact in the tech industry.

What You Will Learn

3 things to get right from a revops perspective

How revops evolve in a product-led company

Key growth metrics to track at a PLG company

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