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Driving Product-Led Growth Through Data Insights

“As a founder or CEO of a SaaS business, why should you be thinking about a Product Led approach? The unit economics are fundamentally better for PLG companies. They tend to grow much faster and for much longer after they hit a certain inflection point. PLG companies are valued at about twice the value of public SaaS companies according to a study by Open View Partners. So there is actually greater value created over a longer period of time.”

Aseem Chandra

About The Guest

Aseem is co-founder and CEO of Immersa, on a mission to bring data intelligence to everyone.

In his prior role, as senior vice president for Experience Cloud at Adobe, Aseem was responsible for all go-to-market strategy & execution for one of the largest ($3B) SaaS businesses in the world. As GM for AEM & Target, Aseem was responsible for the P&L for a $1B rapidly growing business.

Aseem brings over 20 years of business strategy and investment planning, mergers & acquisition, partnering, product strategy & market positioning, field and customer-facing skills to his role.

What We Cover

As more companies are shifting from sales-led to product-led, leveraging product usage data to drive your business is more critical than ever before. What are some of the considerations that SaaS companies should think about to understand if PLG is the right growth strategy for them, and what is the right data strategy to fuel a product led growth model?

Aseem shares his perspective with founders and revenue drivers on how data insights are more critical than ever before. He talks about the role that revenue operations plays in a PLG model to ensure accurate data is available to sales and service teams to fuel the revenue engine.

What You Will Learn

The challenges of product usage model within SaaS companies

Tips on utilizing accurate integrated data intelligence for revops 

Effective strategies to implement when moving your SaaS business to PLG

What can CEO’s do to have the greatest impact on revenue

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