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Are You Measuring RevOps Performance?

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All good RevOps teams measure revenue performance and the underlying sales and marketing KPIs. But great ones measure the performance of RevOps itself.

About The Event

It was great to have such a strong lineup of speakers at our first event yesterday! We were fortunate to partner up with RevGenius as our CEO and Co-Founder, Aseem Chandra hosted Are You Measuring RevOps Performance. Joining him from the first series live are Briana Yarborough – co-founder CRO CModel; Matt Sinise – RevOps at Mural along with Andy Mowat co- founder & CEO Gated.

What We Cover

In order to optimize your RevOps performance, it’s important to first measure it. This means understanding how your Revenue Operations are performing and identifying areas for improvement. By taking inventory of your current processes and developing key performance indicators (KPIs), you can track progress and ensure that your team is meeting its goals. In this recorded live webinar, we define RevOps as well as the importance of measuring RevOps performance and offer tips on how to get started.

Measuring revenue performance isn’t as easy, but there are several metrics to choose from. The most obvious measure of success for an operations team would be their total dollar amount generated in a given time period – this could include either pure or relative numbers (eighty percent higher). Other options might include measures like customer retention rates and periods during which customers were active users before they left; how quickly you’re able to sell new subscribers versus acquiring lost ones through cross-selling products/services.

KPIs are a great way to monitor how your company is performing on an operations level. For example, revenue can be broken down into measures such as retention rates and pipeline velocity which will give you insight about the health of different parts in their business model with relation to each other – this gives us more information than just pure numbers alone!

What You Will Learn

1. What is RevOps performance and how can it be measured
2. The different factors that affect RevOps performance
3. How to improve RevOps performance

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