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Immersa is now SOC 2 Type II Compliant, Meeting the Highest Industry Standards of Customer Data Security and Privacy


We are pleased to share that our Immersa has received its SOC 2 Type II report after a rigorous audit of its security and privacy procedures. The independent auditors evaluated Immersa’s security controls and procedures and confirmed that they meet the highest standards for protecting user information and privacy. The SOC 2 report is available under non-disclosure agreement to any of our customers or prospects who wish to review it. Our customers can be confident that their data remains secure with Immersa. 

SOC 2 Type 2 is a report that provides evidence of the security and protective controls implemented by an organization. This report covers both the design and operating effectiveness of these controls over a period of time, typically six months to a year. SOC 2 Type II is considered a more valuable report than SOC 2 Type I, as it provides evidence that the controls are effective not just during the initial implementation but throughout the entire reporting period. This report is often requested by organizations that work with sensitive user information or handle large amounts of data in order to provide reassurance that their systems are secure and their users’ privacy is protected.

‘This report is important to our clients as it provides an independent evaluation of the effectiveness of our security and privacy controls,’ said Aseem Chandra, Co-founder and CEO at Immersa. ‘It demonstrates our commitment to protecting our customers’ data and meeting the highest standards of data security and privacy in the industry.’

About Immersa

Immersa offers the world’s first data automation platform designed for revenue operations teams to drive sales and customer success. Immersa collects and analyzes product and customer data to generate actionable insights that drive growth. Immersa is designed to be easy to use and enables business teams to make data-driven decisions in real-time. Immersa is backed by Mayfield Fund, a venture capital firm with a 50+ year track record of investing in iconic enterprise software companies. For more information, visit

About Drata

Drata is the world’s most advanced security and compliance automation platform with the mission to help businesses earn and keep the trust of their users, customers, partners, and prospects. With Drata, companies streamline SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA compliance through continuous, automated control monitoring and evidence collection, resulting in a strong security posture, lower costs, and less time spent preparing for annual audits. The company is backed by ICONIQ Growth, Alkeon Capital, Salesforce Ventures, GGV Capital, Cowboy Ventures, Leaders Fund, Okta Ventures, SVCI, SV Angel, and many key industry leaders. For more information, visit

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