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RevOps, Sales or Customer Success – Who Owns Growth at SaaS Companies?

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Who owns growth at a SaaS company? How do companies collaborate across Sales, Customer Success and Revenue Operation to drive growth? Does investing in Revenue Operations early contribute to higher growth? 

Immersa recently conducted a survey of SaaS & PLG companies to address these, and related questions, that are top of mind for revenue leaders as they look to drive SaaS growth against the backdrop of an uncertain economic climate. The traditional revenue operations and CRM tools are insufficient as revenue leaders explore new paths to growth.

Revenue operations teams are uniquely positioned at the intersection of customer success and sales teams. This discussion brings together leaders from each of these functional areas for a live discussion on how SaaS companies are shifting gears to use data to accelerate growth as they brace for a slowdown. 


Aseem Chandra, Co-founder & CEO @ Immersa 
Seamus Ruiz-Earle, Founder & CEO, Carabiner Group  
Rob Vandenberg, Sales Leader & Executive, UserTesting  
Irene Lefton, Customer Success Executive 

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