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Turning Customer Success Into A Revenue Driver

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Customer Success is no longer a cost center. Are you ready to run Customer Success as a profit center for your organization?

As Net Revenue Retention becomes a key growth metric for SaaS companies, Customer Success is rapidly becoming a fundamental revenue driver for organizations. Executives now expect to see a return on their investment via upsell and cross-sell opportunities. This requires more than a predictive health score and a basic churn rate for your install base.

How do you get data to identify which accounts are likely to churn, which ones are likely to grow? What actions does your CS team take once they identify these opportunities? How do you use signals from customer interactions to scale your digital CS initiatives?

Luke Ferrel, Senior Director of Customer Success at Outreach joins Aseem Chandra, CEO of Immersa, to share his experiences addressing exactly these challenges at Qualtrics and Outreach. Case in point, Luke identified an underperforming segment and moved the retention rate from 69% to 80%.

Aseem and Luke will walk through those examples as well as talk through the following points:

  • How do companies move from a cost-center to revenue-focused view of CS?
  • Do CS platforms play a critical role?
  • What support and tools do CS teams need to have great data in place?
  • How do CS teams perform under the constant pressure to scale?
  • How can you quantify the ROI of Customer Success for leadership?

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Luke Ferrel

Luke Ferrel

Senior Director of Customer Success at Outreach

Aseem Chandra

Aseem Chandra

Co-founder & CEO
at Immersa

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