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How Does Customer Success Scale Through Digital?

"With customer success, we need to leverage technology, people, and process, to deliver to the goals of that customer success team, and it's a lot more than that high-touch approach."

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Customer Success has evolved from a high touch world to a digital one. As CS leaders are tasked to do more with current resources, CSM’s must own more accounts but have the same renewal and growth targets.

And not all customers want a high-touch, QBR-led relationship. They want to get the most out of your product, and the relationship with your company, with minimal effort on their part.

So how do CS teams scale? How do they manage the ocean of data at their disposal and find the points that matter most? How do CS teams give their customers enough attention to be helpful, but not so much to get in their way?

Chad Horenfeldt, Head of Global CS at Kustomer, knows a thing or two about these problems. He joined Aseem Chandra to share his experience for an active conversation on the following ideas:

  • How have customers’ expectations of CS teams changed over time?
  • What is the landscape of CS tools, and who are the leaders?
  • How do you find points of interest in all the data noise?
  • Are CS teams creating data waste by asking customers for data that they may already have?
  • How does a CS tech stack change in the context of Product Led Growth (PLG)?
  • When should you go from a high-touch to digital-first approach in CS?

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Chad Horenfeldt

Chad Horenfeldt

Head of Global CS
at Kustomer (Meta)

Aseem Chandra

Aseem Chandra

Co-founder & CEO
at Immersa

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