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[Webinar] Driving Customer Centric Growth

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The way I check to see if I have durable growth in my organization, is can I project my expansion and my renewal? And are they actually reliable?

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As economic conditions change, many Customer Success teams are feeling pressure to do more with lower budgets. Several teams are committing to a renewal or growth number for their install base. However,  is this a good idea? 

Some CS teams avoid projecting a revenue number; they feel it will dilute the value their CSMs give their clients. Other CS teams dive-in head first, only to fall flat when they assign quotas to their teams like a sales organization. 

So how do CS leaders step up and take ownership of a revenue or growth number while being the voice of the customer in the organization?

Jan Young, Principal Consultant at The Success League will share the lessons she’s learned working with clients as they shift to revenue. She’ll share where teams have fallen flat, where teams have seen success and other lessons including:

  • The factors CS leaders need to consider as they deal with the pressure to contribute to revenue & growth
  • The shift to metric focused customer success while maintaining customer empathy
  • How customer success teams can build “durable growth” (coined by Gainsight) for their business
  • What data do you need to measure revenue and growth metrics
  • How product led growth (PLG) models are requiring CS teams to be even more customer centric 
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Jan Young, Principal Consultant at The Success League
Aseem Chandra, Co-founder & CEO @ Immersa 

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