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[Webinar] How To Pivot Your CS Strategy

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It's more important than ever from a net retention perspective to paint a realistic picture, so that we can build a budget against it.

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The wave of layoffs in SaaS are bringing new challenges for customer success teams.
So much uncertainty is increasing pressure for CS teams to retain their existing install base. This is no small task, as product usage may be down due to layoffs, or there is pressure on customers to evaluate the impact of their current tech stack. So how can CS teams pivot their product value proposition for customers to combat the downturn?
Madelyn DePrey, Senior Director of Customer Success at Aircall joined us to share her thoughts.
She shared:
  • How she’s pivoting her 40 person team and the value prop the product provides
  • How she’s forecasting her retention rate amidst so much uncertainty
  • How her CS team evaluates risk, churn, and how they keep their customers
  • How her CS team is structured, and how much ownership they have over commercials like retention and upsell (and why they structured it that way)


Madelyn DePrey
Senior Director of Customer Success @ Aircall


Aseem Chandra
Co-founder & CEO @ Immersa

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