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[Webinar] How To Predict NRR in 2023

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There are three ways we categorize risk. There are things we are directly in control of, things we're indirectly in control of, and the things we don't control at all. The marriage of these signals together helps us get this full view.

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The landscape in SaaS has completely changed in the last 6 months. Economic headwinds have created a lot of uncertainty. And with product usage changing quickly (layoffs anyone?) identifying accurate projections for NRR is harder than ever. 
Join Levi Kugel, Director CS Strategy at Quantum Metric and Aseem Chandra, CEO and Co-Founder of Immersa, as they show you how you can predict your NRR this yearIt includes identifying high risk accounts, finding qualified upsells, and more, even with current market conditions.
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Levi Kugel
Director, CS Strategy @ Quantum Metric

Aseem Chandra
Co-founder & CEO @ Immersa

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