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Product or Sales Led Growth: Should You Have to Choose?

People deciding which motion to use, based on the size of the customer that you're serving, is not right.

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About The Guest

Aditya Kothadiya is currently the Founder and CEO of Avoma, an AI-powered technology that helps customer-facing teams capture important customer information, before, during, and after important meetings.

What We Cover

The past few months have been tough on tech.

But some companies- like Avoma, are growing despite market conditions, budget cuts and layoffs.

Watch our candid conversation with Aditya and Aseem, to explore what sets the successful businesses apart from the rest, including questions like:

🕵 How can we navigating the post-pandemic world with a PLG led motion?
🤔 Should we pick a single GTM strategy, or should PLG and sales-led motion co-exist?
🤝 How can companies collaborate across Sales, Customer Success and Revenue Operation to drive growth?

We explored how Aditya is positioning Avoma for growth and learn from the best of the best entrepreneurs in this special edition of Founder’s Friday presented in collaboration with RevGenius.

What You Will Learn

  • The role of the PLG led motion in 2023
  • Why picking a single GTM strategy may not be what you think it is… PLG and sales-led motion can co-exist
  • How to collaborate across Sales, Customer Success and Revenue Operation to drive growth


Aditya Kothadiya

Aditya Kothadiya

Founder & CEO
at Avoma

Aseem Chandra

Aseem Chandra

Co-founder & CEO
at Immersa

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