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[Webinar] The Do’s and Don’ts of Customer Success

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We look at product data... but we reverse engineer that to what successful customers look like, as well as customers who churn.

What We Cover

Your CS team has to do more with less. Layoffs may have forced you to take on more, or executives asked the team to work more accounts.

And you’re afraid that if you “scale”, you’re giving less to the customers.

You don’t need to feel that way.

So what should the customer success team do as you try to scale?

More importantly… what should you not do?

Dan Ennis, Scale Team Manager, Customer Success from will join Aseem Chandra and share the do’s and don’ts of scaling customer success. He’ll share experiences from and talk through lessons like:

  • The big mistakes teams make when they try and scale customer success
  • How to get buy in from your team members as you scale
  • Four pillars of a scaling process
    • Data
    • Technology
    • Process
    • Community
  • How to reverse engineer the customer journey to build a plan

Come learn, ask your own questions, and take back tactics that will help your CS do more with less.

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Dan Ennis
Scale Team Manager, Customer Success @
Dan has been working in Customer Success for nearly a decade, with experience in both high touch Enterprise accounts as well as more scaled models. He has several years’ experience leading Customer Success teams and is passionate about what it looks like to successfully scale your CS value using digital models and leaning into the data.

Aseem Chandra, Co-founder & CEO @ Immersa 

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