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[Webinar] Building a GTM Strategy in Creative Ways

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We realized that no, the economic buyers is not the CRO or whoever. It's actually the leader. And that's actually the signs of the times where everybody's trying to become very, very careful about what they buy.

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Startups have always had to market and sell themselves creatively. Bigger companies seem like safer bets, but the innovation and value in startups often leads to better outcomes.

But the buying committee is changing. 

Mid-level managers used to have a blank card and could buy new tools as they saw fit. Now the tech sector is pairing back, and many companies have elevated their buying committee to include the CFO. Leaders have to justify every purchase with ROI. 

So how can startups still win the day?

Sarika Garg of Cacheflow joined Aseem Chandra to explore the answer to this question. They shared their recent wins and challenges as they look to sell and market with small teams. Some of challenges they covered include:

  1. How has the buying committee changed and how has that changed the marketing and selling positioning?
  2. How can small companies look bigger than they are?
  3. How can businesses change GTM models to be more attractive to customers?
  4. Are there new marketing channels, changes to pricing strategies, new sales tactics to consider?
  5. How have they used data to guide their decisions as small organizations?



Sarika Garg
CEO & Co-Founder @ Cacheflow

With over twenty years as a product management and go-to-market strategy executive, Sarika has led teams at SAP, Ariba, and unicorn Tradeshift.

She has built pioneering products at the intersection of Fintech, SaaS and Business Networks.

Aseem Chandra
Co-founder & CEO @ Immersa

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