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Gainsight Implementation & More

A CSM, just in and of themselves, left to their own devices, will essentially just be pigeonholed to being a shepherd. Along that pathway, the CSM is going to become extinct as a valuable contributor to an organization.

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Gainsight is the platform everyone thinks of when they look at customer success tools.

So when is team ready for Gainsight?

What does it take to put it in place? What are its core advantages?

When should CS teams consider Gainsight, and what use cases may require the addition of another tool in conjunction with Gainsight?

We asked Josh Levin, Manager of CS at Honecomb to share his experience. Josh worked as a technical architect at Gainsight, and has also recently implemented the platform for his team at Honeycomb.

He’ll share the lessons he learned along the way, including:

  • When CS teams should look at Gainsight as an option
  • What characteristics make Gainsight a poor fit for your organization
  • The pitfalls to avoid when starting an instance of Gainsight

Josh is also a brilliant mind and advocate for technical CS implementation. He’s built custom data flows from product data, to Snowflake, and back to the GTM tech stack. 

He will share some of what he’s built, and why he believes technical skills in CS are a growing need.

Full transcript can be found here. 


Josh Levin

Josh Levin

Manager Customer Success at Honeycomb

Josh is Manager of Customer Success at, a tool for engineers to debug and optimize their software systems.  He’s spent 8 years working across a variety of SaaS companies in technical CS roles, and is a self-professed data and operations nerd.  When he’s not breaking things in his data pipelines, he’s playing with his dogs and enjoying overpriced Bay Area coffee.

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Aseem Chandra

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