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How To Invest Your CS Budget

The number one mistake I made personally was keep everything was in my head... and that does not scale. So from day one, any process that you put down, you document it. ​

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Where did you invest your CS budget last year? 

Could a different approach this year bring better results?

There are plenty of options, of course. Do you need more headcount? Or would investing in tech to help your current team scale be a better investment? 

Or are there collaborative needs with other teams like operations, data, and BI that would give you a greater return?

CS teams have to justify the answers to these questions to leadership, especially in the current climate where resources are being trimmed. 

We asked Ashley Hyman, VP of Customer Success at Drata to share her experiences as she’s grown a CS team from 0 to 50 people. 

Along the way, she’s had to make crucial decisions around CS investment and how to scale her team. She shared lessons like:

  • How she has structured her team at Drata
  • The technology stack she has used and how it has changed along the way
  • Key roles she’s hired
  • The transition to a tiered service model
  • How she thinks about an investment in data

Come learn, ask your own questions, and take back tactics that your team prioritize their resources.


Ashley Hyman

Ashley Hyman

VP of Customer Success at Drata

Aseem Chandra

Aseem Chandra

Co-founder & CEO
at Immersa

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