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Are NPS Scores and Customer Surveys Overrated?

We often know once somebody is a passive or a detractor... it's much harder to turn them around than to have predictive measures where you can proactively understand where our customer is and get ahead of it.​

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What We Cover

Most CS teams conduct QBRs. 

They also run NPS scores and satisfaction surveys to see how well the product is working for customers. 

Those tools do provide insight but…

Could they also lead you astray? They might. 

Celia Gouveia, Customer Success leader and advisor joined us to explore the balance between qualitative and quantitative data. 

She explored ideas on how to get a true view of customer health, and shared lessons she’s learned along the way including:

  • The importance of building relationships with clients over time
  • How to make sure you’re not being misled by your NPS and satisfaction surveys
  • Why relationships matter, why data matters, and how you can combine those efforts
  • Some ideas on how to substitute your QBRs with more value based interactions

By the end of this session you’ll rethink your use of NPS and other tools and have a better path on how to discover risk within your accounts.

Get the full transcript of the event here.


Celia Gouveia

Celia Gouveia

Vice President, Customer Success at Wisq

Aseem Chandra

Aseem Chandra

Co-founder & CEO
at Immersa

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