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[Webinar] The Collaboration Blueprint for CS, Marketing, and Product

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The CSM is the one who really has most insight. So when it does come to that commercial discussion, they're the ones who could guide the salespeople into how to move forward from a commercial standpoint

What We Cover

We always talk about collaboration between sales and CS…

But what about marketing? Product?

Collaborating with those organizations may be even more important. 

Effie Mansdorf, Sr. Director of Customer Success at Adaptive Shield is passionate about the relationship with marketing and product teams. Aligning goals between those groups can yield healthier business, lower churn risk, and more. 

Effie will share her experience working with marketing and product teams. The discussion will answer questions like:

  • How important is it to collaborate with marketing/product compared to sales?
  • What benefits come from aligning goals with marketing and product teams?
  • What programs can marketing, product, and CS work on together?
  • How do marketing and product priorities differ from CS, and how do you work through those challenges?

Effie will also add in her unique perspective on how her team manages data as a cyber security company. 

Join us, come with questions, and take back tactics you can implement with your product and marketing teams. 


Effie Mansdorf
Sr. Director of Customer Succcess @ Adaptive Shield
Aseem Chandra
Co-founder & CEO @ Immersa

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