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Breaking Boundaries: Moving From Traditional to Product-Led Motions

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What we covered

In this session, Aseem Chandra and Anebi Agbo, Director of Product at ULedger, engaged in a captivating discussion about what it takes to make the switch from a traditional sales-led model to a product-led growth (PLG) approach. We shed light on key lessons, strategies, and insights that businesses can apply when considering their own shifts towards a more product-led future. Here are the key takeaways from the event:

Embracing PLG for Seamless Customer Engagement

ULedger decided to transition from a sales-driven to a PLG model, marking an exciting new chapter in its journey. In the traditional sales-led approach, human touchpoints are the norm. But in the dynamic world of PLG, customers take the reins, exploring the product directly. Why the shift? ULedger aimed to boost the user experience, cut acquisition costs, and tap into valuable data insights. This change was spurred by growth milestones, better infrastructure, and user-friendly interfaces. 

Harnessing the Power of Data for Product Evolution 

Anebi let us in on how ULedger’s product strategy transformed to nail the shift to a product-led approach. The key is to up the game on user experience and smooth out every bump in the customer journey. But here’s the kicker – the wizardry doesn’t happen without data. Anebi spotlit ULedger’s treasure trove of data sources. Think telemetry data and usage stats that unveil user patterns like revealing footprints in the sand. By painting the complete picture of the user’s journey, ULedger doesn’t just see engagement patterns; they see where the dance falters and where it dazzles. Armed with this data, decisions become smarter, and improvements are laser-focused. 

Unlocking the Power of Data through Context and a Streamlined Tech Toolbox

Data without context is like a ship without a compass drifting in the wrong direction. Context is not a one-time deal; it’s a shapeshifter that changes with time. It’s not enough to gather data; you need to understand the story behind it. Data alone can be overwhelming, but when coupled with context, it becomes a powerful tool for decision-making and strategy development. 

Maintaining an organized tech toolbox is crucial, and it’s best to avoid using too many tools. When developers, who are always experimenting and refining their methods, support a new tool, it’s a sign that it’s worth considering for broader use.


Anebi Agbo
Director of Product @ ULedger
Anebi is a seasoned product leader with a passion for innovation and a decade-long track record of building companies and cultivating high-performance teams. With experience spanning startups to Fortune 500 companies, Anebi is an ardent student of creating data-driven products that resonate with diverse markets.
Now at the helm of the product function at ULedger, a blockchain startup, Anebi focuses on collaborating with high-performance startups and teams to craft innovative Web3 products. Anebi is a driving force in his local community, serving via his leadership support of such groups as Startup Grind Phoenix, Faithtech Phoenix, and an active member of #yesphx.
Aseem Chandra
Co-founder & CEO @ Immersa