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E-commerce Data Secrets From Leading Digital Commerce Platforms

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What we covered

In our latest session, Elena Leonova, Senior Vice President of Product at Spryker, discussed how data-driven decision-making can empower teams and optimize e-commerce strategies. Here are the key takeaways from the event: 


Navigating Data Limitations in Open Source Models

Elena’s wealth of experience in the e-commerce landscape revealed a targeted focus on serving SMBs, mid-market players, and enterprise giants. The decision-making process can be challenging in on-premise, open-source settings, where data access is not always easy. Drawing from her tenure at Magento, a scenario stood out where data availability hit a roadblock due to a blend of community constraints and data privacy worries. 

However, this challenge was skillfully reframed into an opportunity. Instead of being deterred, her team leveraged the power of GitHub repositories to derive precious insights into user behavior and engagement trends. This innovative approach transformed a potential stumbling block into a catalyst for advancement.

Harnessing Social Platforms for Feedback and Validation

Elena and her team discovered the remarkable value of Twitter as a dynamic tool for gathering feedback and affirming their choices. By harnessing the power of Twitter, they effortlessly exchanged ideas and measured responses through comments, likes, and shares. 

This cultivated a sense of community participation and offered social affirmation, emphasizing the pivotal role of meaningful user engagement. Through their adept utilization of Twitter, Elena and her team elevated their decision-making process, leading to a resounding triumph for their project.

The Transition from Data Scarcity to Abundance in SaaS Solutions

Spryker’s hybrid cloud platform brings forth exciting opportunities through its combination of SaaS and on-premise components. However, it also offers extensive data availability, which requires making sense of unstructured data. The most important thing for businesses is to present data in an easy-to-use format to gain actionable insights. Data abundance can be both helpful and harmful.


To Wrap It All Up

Overall, Elena’s insights aren’t just theory; they’re like a toolkit for e-commerce success. Businesses can stand strong and make the most of every opportunity by optimizing data usage, being cautious with social media inputs, and navigating the world of hybrid data models.


Elena Leonova
Senior Vice President, Product @ Spryker
Elena Leonova, an exceptional leader in e-commerce technology, currently is a global SVP of Product at Spryker. With a proven track record of over a decade in the industry, Elena’s expertise is a cornerstone of Spryker’s growth and innovation journey. Her background includes significant contributions at Magento and BigCommerce, where she orchestrated transformative product strategies and global expansion. Elena’s highly committed to excellence, customer and partner-focused solutions, and pioneering the future of digital commerce. She is dedicated to fostering a dynamic work culture aligns seamlessly with Spryker’s mission to revolutionize the e-commerce landscape.
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Co-founder & CEO @ Immersa