Palo Alto, CA

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The Evolution of CS in a Startup

When should Customer Success be formalized in an organization, what are the early tasks, and how can teams overcome early challenges?

Event Date: February 9, 2023
Time: 10.00 am PST - 11.00 am PST
Duration: 1 hr
Audience: CS, Revops, Founders & C-Suite


Gainsight Implementation & More

Gainsight is the platform everyone thinks of when they look at customer success tools.

So when is team ready for Gainsight?


How To Invest Your CS Budget

Where did you invest your CS budget last year? Could a different approach this year bring better results?


How To Pivot Your CS Strategy

How can CS teams pivot their product value proposition for customers to combat the downturn?


How To Predict NRR in 2023

Learn to identify high risk accounts, find qualified upsells, and more, even with current market conditions.


The Do's and Don'ts of Customer Success

What should customer success teams do as they try to scale?

More importantly… what should they NOT do?


Driving Customer-Centric Growth

How do CS leaders step up and take ownership of a post sale revenue number? Jan Young shares what she's seen with her clients.


How Do Customer Success Teams Scale Through Digital?

Are CS teams moving a way from high-touch relationships? How do they scale? Chad shows us how.


Turning Customer Success Into A Revenue Driver

Luke Ferrel shares his experiences transforming his teams into profit centers.


Using Product Data To Drive Customer Success

Alicia discusses how to measure customer success teams’ performance using metrics such as expansion rate, growth rate and renewal rate, while emphasizing product usage data.


RevOps, Sales or Customer Success - Who Owns Growth at SaaS Companies?

How SaaS companies are shifting gears to use data to accelerate growth as they brace for a slowdown


How to Grow Your SaaS Business Through a Recession

Recession-proof tactics from industry experts
Insights into how to avoid churn and drive growth


Are You Measuring RevOps Performance?

How to define & measure RevOps performance
Factors that affect RevOps performance
How to improve RevOps performance


Leverage Product Data to Drive Sales

The importance of Product Led Growth for a SaaS business
Key principles to scale an existing SaaS business using PLG
Evolution of the marketing funnel in the context of a PLG business


Driving Product-Led Growth Through Data Insights

Published by: RevGenius

Integrating product usage & CRM data at SaaS companies
Effective strategies to move your SaaS business to PLG
Your role as a CEO to have the greatest impact on revenue


Playbooks You Can Use Across the Entire Revenue Cycle

Published by: RevGenius

3 things to get right from a revops perspective
How revops evolve in a product-led company
Key growth metrics to track at a PLG company