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Mine Product Usage Data to Accelerate Revenue

Combine product usage data with CRM, support and finance and identify accounts that are likely to convert, churn or grow.


Mine Your Product Data for Actionable Insights

Your customer’s product usage data contains valuable signals that can accelerate revenue. Revenue Operations (RevOps) team struggle to source, transform and combine data from silo’d data sources across product, sales, support and finance. Immersa automates these connections, and brings actionable insights to GTM teams directly in their CRM.

Designed for the RevOps User

As a business user, you turn to data engineers and BI teams to write SQL queries to access data. We like SQL, but we love a no-code approach more!

  • Just point to your data sources and connect
  • Spreadsheet-like simplicity in every interaction
  • Recommended actions to optimize revenue

  • Spreadsheets That SQueaL with Delight

    Spreadsheets are awesome, and every business user knows how to use them. But they are difficult to integrate into data workflows. We took the best of what spreadsheets offer, and made them even better.

  • Connect to any data in Google Sheets, Excel or SaaS apps
  • Use formulas & filters to manipulate data, just like in a spreadsheet
  • Quickly filter & prioritize actionable lists for your sales or service team

  • Automate Data Workflows

    Data workflows require collaboration between multiple teams and are difficult to manage. Bring transparency and repeatability to your data workflows with Immersa’s data automation platform.

  • Repeatable and completely automated ‘plays’
  • Turn data intelligence into actions for reps and CSMs
  • Send actions directly to your users’ choice of CRM apps