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Product Led Growth to Accelerate Revenue

Optimize customer journey for PLG with data. Convert free trials to customers, improve retention and accelerate revenue.


Convert Free Trials to Paid Customers

Use Customer Usage Data to Drive Conversion

As a SaaS business, you understand the value of product led growth. You offer free trials and diligently measure each customer interaction. How do you drive customer adoption and turn users into advocates?

  • Combine free trials data with customer usage data
  • Use data to identify accounts that are likely to convert
  • Send prioritized accounts to reps directly in Salesforce

  • Maximize Upsell Opportunities

    Mine Your Install Base to Drive Growth

    How your customers use your product offers valuable insights on whether they are ready for more. Compare product usage with licensed capacity to identify accounts that are ready for upsell.

  • Map user level product usage data to accounts
  • Compare projected use with actual license purchased
  • Prioritize upsell accounts and send directly to your CRM

  • Identify Cross-Sell Accounts

    Launch New Products to the Right Customers

    Your Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) wants to run an install base campaign to launch a new product. As RevOps, you must analyze current usage to identify mature accounts in time for a launch.

  • Analyze product usage data to identify mature customers
  • Combine with 3rd party data to define Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
  • Prioritize cross-sell accounts and send directly to your preferred CRM

  • Prioritize Renewal Across Your Install Base

    Retention is the New Growth

    The best run subscription businesses know that retention is the key to growth. How do you look for early detection signals - NPS score, Jira issues, Zendesk tickets - and combine these with product usage data to improve retention?

  • Seek early detection signals to establish customer satisfaction
  • Combine these signals with product usage data
  • Bring these signals to CSM’s directly in their ticketing app

  • Manage Customer Usage to Forecast

    Increase Customer Consumption to Drive Revenue

    Consumption based pricing models are great for growth. However, you can only recognize revenue based on what your customers actually use. How do your customer success teams get customers to use more product and get promised value?

  • Measure product usage and compare with contract commitments
  • Identify accounts with the widest gap to commitments
  • Prompt with best practices, hints & nudges to improve usage