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Featured Event: Are NPS Scores and Customer Surveys Overrated?

Event Date: March 23rd, 2023
Time: 10.00am PST – 11.00am PST
Duration: 1 hr

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When things change and you HAVE to improve… What do you do?

Not sure? Then we’ve got a great story for you. 

Chili Piper is one of the great success stories in tech, but it was not immune to market dynamics. It forced the team to look into their customer data, and they found an opportunity that led them to redefine their customer segmentation, and gain a lot of efficiency. 

Seth Dovev, Senior Director of Customer Success at Chili Piper is joining the series to share the experience. 

He’ll share how they looked at their data, the hiccups they experienced along the way, and how they innovated through their problems to build a more efficient retention strategy. 

Plus, he’s willing to share direct advice if you’re experiencing something similar. (Come with questions!)

See you at the event!


Seth Dovev
Senior Director of Customer Success at Chili Piper

In my role as the Director of Customer Success at Chili Piper, I come equipped with a vast amount of experience in creating and managing successful CS teams. With an extensive background in Customer Success across AdTech and SaaS industries, my focus lies in developing efficient approaches that improve NRR and drive customer outcomes.

A little bit more about me, I’m based north of Boston, MA. My wife Coree and I have 2 wonderful kids Hannah and Noah and a dog named Wally 🐶. Outside of work I enjoy traveling, live music, snowboarding, and running.

Chili Piper: 

Chili Piper is an advanced scheduling and routing software for B2B revenue teams. Our products help revenue teams double their inbound conversion rates, increase customer satisfaction, and reach new levels of productivity.

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Co-founder & CEO @ Immersa 

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