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Your Customer Intelligence Cloud on AutoPilot
Know your customers through their data

Leverage the power of the modern data stack without spending your time building it. We connect to any data source and structure your data so that you can answer questions without worrying about schemas or pipelines.

Having trouble finding data developers to keep up with data requests?
Does it take months to get useful customer metrics to your CS or Sales teams?
Figuring out your data strategy to proactively serve customer needs?

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Move engineering needed to extract and prepare data to autopilot

We connect to your existing data without requiring any new development while automating data movement, joining and cleaning. We also leverage AI to build semantic models so that you can always work with your data in your business language.

Run your business on data without the need to buy multiple data tools

Immersa syncs your data across your existing CRMs, CS platforms, databases, or even Google Sheets, so your teams always have fresh, reliable data and insights to make informed decisions. You can define actions and notifications based on data changes to keep your business running fast off consistent playbooks.

Rapidly iterate from
Instinct to Insight

Immersa provides you a single place to access all your data, structured as a business knowledge graph. The powerful and snappy data visualization tools allow you to build meaningful metrics and predictive models for different customer segments, so you can focus on solving business problems instead of building charts.

Safe, secure, and flexible

We respect the privacy and security of all our customers’ data. Immersa is SOC 2 Type II certified, we continuously monitor data security with over a 100 different controls, and conduct regular security and penetration tests to ensure that your valuable data remains secure.

Premium support is included

We work closely with your engineering and data teams to bring your data into Immersa, create metrics and analytics and enable your teams to become self-service. We provide a premium support experience via Slack, email and zoom calls so you can trust your data to run your business.

Free trial available

Our mission is to help our customers run their business with their data. We offer free trials so you can see for yourself how Immersa enables your business with your data. Go ahead and kick the tires, we don’t mind. In fact, we are confident you will enjoy using Immersa as much as we enjoy building it.

Immersa is SOC 2 Type II certified

Immersa is built from the ground up with security and privacy front and center. We’ve gone through a rigorous process to achieve SOC 2 Type II compliance. Contact us at for a copy of the report.

Who is a datapreneur?

You know that the more you understand your customer, the more confident you can be about your decisions. Data can give you that understanding, but there are hurdles to get data that you can use and trust. Your business generates more data every day, but spreadsheets and scripts are reaching their limits. Reports and charts in QBRs don’t go deep enough. You want to be able to answer questions quickly and go as deep as you need to. Your data has the answer, but shouldn’t it be easier to get there?

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