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Supercharge AI Copilots with Unified Data

Empower teams with productivity-boosting AI Assistants that synthesize grounded insights across diverse data sources. Accelerate secure deployment of Copilots across platforms like Microsoft and Salesforce.

Customer Analytics for Every Team

Onboard, grow and retain customers more effectively with a 360° view across digital interactions, product usage, finance and CRM data. Access powerful insights, predictions and recommendations in tailored dashboards, directly within CRM, through AI Copilots or workflow automations.

Streamline IT Ops with AI Driven Automation

Clean and correlate logs and configs from multiple sources. Use GenAI to triage incidents, identify duplicate issues and automate resolution. Reduce costs and enhance customer experience while freeing your Ops team for strategic tasks.

Deliver Instant Insights to Adhoc Data Requests

Turn vague questions into clear answers. Find the data you need, whether it’s buried in databases, hidden in documents, or scattered across systems. Provide rapid answers as reports, metrics or dashboards to your business teams while reducing long IT backlogs.

Composable Data and AI Solutions

Leverage open, scalable architecture built on cloud-native AWS, GCP, or Azure infrastructure. Integrate the Apache open-source ecosystem with modern Data and AI platforms, creating flexible solutions that adapt to evolving business needs.


Solutions, not just software. Retain platform and data ownership for lasting value.


Human expertise + AI agents for rapid scale. Meet high-volume demands with fast time-to-value.


Security and reliability without high costs or specialized skills. Meet Data SLAs and build trust.