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Know your customers through their data

Leverage the power of the modern data stack without spending your time building it. We connect to any data source and structure your data so that you can answer questions without worrying about schemas or pipelines.

“By providing valuable insights from product usage data that we already had, Immersa is helping us accelerate customer adoption, and has quickly become a trusted partner to Akeneo.”

Kristin Naragon
VP, Global Marketing & Strategy, Akeneo

Trusted Data Cloud for Companies Everywhere

Your Life With Immersa

Turn Your Data into Delight

Your life today

Disparate apps, fragmented data sources and structures

Effort required for transforming data and grouping it for business contexts

Separation of analysis and actionability

Your life tomorrow

Use product, engineering, and customer data from any source

The Modern Data Stack enables data to become decentralized.  Immersa automatically connects to any data source and brings together only the data you need. We allow you to aggregate all your data by the groupings that matter to your business, view it on a unified timeline, transform or analyze as needed, and then drive action by sending relevant data to where your team needs it.

Analyze and segment customer behavior

How users engage with your product speaks louder than words. However, product analytics can be difficult to group into the abstractions which GTM teams are looking for, especially if you are looking at behavior over time.  Immersa automatically uses the best data practices, such as keyless joins and orchestrated data warehousing, so you can analyze all your data in one format: by user, account, organization, or whatever groupings your business defines. 

Ask questions of your data and get answers you trust

Immersa’s Data Platform provides pipelines, connectors, orchestration, warehousing, and data modeling – all out of the box. We let you spend your time on what you know best – your customer and your business, and make it easy to use the scores, metrics, and data models you create. By using Immersa as your ‘source of truth’, you can supercharge your teams and tools with data, and not worry about aggregating, formatting, or typing. We connect with all popular CRMs/CS tools, product analytics systems, engineering databases, and warehouses – or build your own data copilot.

Data Intelligence for Business Users

Data-Driven Growth & Revenue

Built for Next Gen Customer Teams


Proactively identify customers that are poised to increase usage, or ready to move from free trials to paid, and send these leads directly to CRM and notify reps via email or Slack

Customer Success

Continuously monitor customer usage and proactively flag at-risk accounts to manage risk, expansion opportunities to manage growth, to Customer Success Managers

Growth Marketers

Connect customer behavior across digital marketing channels with actual product usage data to gain an edge in identifying sales leads and discovering growth markets


Bring together product and finance data to improve billing accuracy, improve revenue recognition based on actual usage, and deliver value metrics directly to customers

Data Team

One data platform from which to connect to any data source, build relationships and aggregations, transform product usage and make it usable to your business partners.

Immersa is SOC 2 Type II certified

Immersa is built from the ground up with security and privacy front and center. We’ve gone through a rigorous process to achieve SOC 2 Type II compliance. Contact us at for a copy of the report.

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